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DIY diamond chain bracelets

Hello beautiful readers, Yesterday ive been at home making few bracelets. I've gathered few bits like old necklace chains that I no longer use also used few of my dad's tools like the pliers and cutter and the crystal gems I bought online along with closures and ring clips. I also used a measuring tape to measure my wrist. It's really easy and simple to make. Here are some of the pictures I took of the bracelets I've handmade. 

I will be soon making lots more with different diamond shapes and sizes. Soon I will also do a tutorial of how I made these stunning bracelet its a perfect gift idea for a friend or even why not treat your self. (^_^) 
Let me know what you guys think. 
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The holy month of Ramadan 2015

سبحان الله (Glory be to God) 

ive taken this picture in my back garden today breath taking sky. So beautiful.
It's the second day of Ramadan and so far I'm finding it going well. I've been spending my day praying and reading hadiths In'sha'Allah (God willing) I will be reading Quran also. I've been helping my mum around the kitchen making lots of delicious food for my family and also guests. We always make extra to give some to our neighboughs. Let me know how your Ramadan is going? :) 
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Shades of Green

| F&F parfume top  | H&M khaki pants | Shoes F&F canvas |

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Some of you may have herd of HUDABEAUTY aka Huda Kattan 

Image from Google 
She is absolutely stunning beautiful woman I've come across.
She's a Hollywood trained makeup artist and a Youtube beauty guru and a Blogger.
She recently released her own line of lashes which is now based in Dubai, you'll find them in Sephoras in the UAE, how cool!
Her popular lashes are Giselle which is named after her daughter how cute, Click Here - Giselle Lashes  to see what they look like.

My cousin went to Dubai few months back in January for a week holiday 'lucky girl', and she came back with some awesome gifts. She's got me two beautiful lashes and I cannot wait to wear them. 
Here are the Lashes she's got me.

HudaBeauty Lashes - Monique #3

HudaBeauty Lashes - Candy #5

If you like to find out more on theses lashes you can find her on Youtube or on Instagram search for HUDABEAUTY

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ZARA Bowling Bag Dupe

Just the other day I did some shopping at Oxford street In London. I had my eye on a Zara bowling bag that I've been wanting for a while now, before going into ZARA I popped into Primark and guess what?! I found a similar bag to the Zara one. The quality of the Primark bag is not bad either.
I just had to grab it, What makes it even better is the price!
ZARA - £49.99
PRIMARK - £14.00 NOW £10.00


Here is the actual Zara bowling bag that I wanted...

This picture does not belong to me belongs to the official Zara site
As you can see the Zara bag has gold buckles on the ends of the handle where as on the Primark bag it just has a simple handle which I like ten times better :)

Here I have taken pic's of my ''dupe'' Zara bowling bag.

Which one would you prefer ??
Comment me I would love to read your thoughts <3
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